April Lacheur studio #9

April Lacheur is a full time self-taught acrylic painter creating bold interpretations of west coast nature combining loose abstracted backgrounds with stylized line work. April’s biggest focus is on trees and tree roots. You will find the tree roots uncovered in most of her work as a reminder for us to also expose and share our roots, our stories, so that we can better understand each other and make strong connections. April will have original paintings available was well as art cards and prints. Her backyard studio is her creative oasis and the many trees in her yard serve as ongoing inspiration. April moved to Maple Ridge 2 years ago and she is very excited to be participating in the tour for the first time.
Studio address: 21952 Cliff Place, Maple Ridge
Email: yapespaints@gmail.com
Web site: YapesPaints.com
Facebook: YapesPaints
Instagram: YapesPaints
Medium: Acrylic paintings inspired by west coast nature


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