Bonnie Dobbin studio #26

I am a self taught artist that resides in Maple Ridge and I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. I predominately use the medium of acrylic painting and coloured pencils. I have participated in both collaborative and solo art shows over the course of the last 20 years in Canada, the US and the United Kingdom and I have also taken on a good portion of commissioned work for clients. I draw from the inspiration of the thought, “What are we and how does our reality unfold with us as participants in this creation”?Studio description: My studio is 350sqft and nestled on my 1/2 property in Ruskin. It has it’s own driveway that is gravel so it is not necessarily wheelchair accessible in that regard. There is additional parking in the front portion of the house. It is on 284th st so there is no parking along the sides of the roads as it is a main thoroughfare and there are ditches on both sides. I would say 4 vehicle max at any given time to not create a jam.
Studio name: Quantum Studio
Studio address: 11407 – 284 St., Maple Ridge
Web site:
Instagram – Bonnie_Dobbin
Medium: painting – mixed media
Demo: Yes








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