Brigitta Schneiter studio #19

Born and raised in Switzerland, Brigitta has lived in Maple Ridge since 1977 and owns a small, idyllic studio on her rural property.

Brigitta creates decorative and functional art in clay, using both hand building and throwing techniques. Incorporating themes from nature, the unique and enchanting vessels, vases, birdbaths, frog houses and mushrooms are both for indoor and outdoor use, while the distinct jugs, cups and bowls are an asset to any dinner table.

Studio name:   Brigitta’s Pottery
Studio address:    24705 – 108 Ave, Maple Ridge  (sharing with Bill Hartley, Andres Schneiter and Mike Stewart)
Phone # :   604-467-1651
Medium:   Functional and decorative pottery
Demo:   Yes

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2 thoughts on “Brigitta Schneiter studio #19

  1. Christine Holmquist 604 461-3019

    I am in the Maple Ridge area tomorrow – Sat Dec. 2nd for an event that starts at 1pm. Is there a time before that I could drop by your studio. I am interested in your baguette slab trays with the ferns/trees on them. I saw you at the Farmer’s Market in Coq on your last visit but you had sold out of them.


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