Cindy Johnston studio #21

Cindy Johnston was born in Alberta in 1962, and grew up in a small northern town; a place she refers to as a “creative and cultural vacuum”. Up to the age of 25, she spent her life immersed in academics, yet it never occurred to her to take any sort of art class. This was ironic considering her mother was a budding artist. She began her art career in 1995, kick-started by her mom’s unexpected Christmas gift of painting classes. In the beginning, she worked with watercolors, but when she was introduced to the deep vibrant colors of acrylics and the rich textures offered in mixed media, she knew she had found her artistic home. She now creates bold impressionistic works featuring crows, abstract landscapes and textural still lifes.Her primary goal is to capture the viewer and to evoke a strong reaction; a smile, a deep breath or even a thoughtful furrowed brow. She believes that the title is often fundamental in guiding the viewer into the soul of her art; to share the imprint that it was meant to leave.After all, art is not just about painting “pretty” pictures, it should make you feel something deeper.

Studio Name: CJ-Arts
Studio address:  Back Alley, 10562 Jackson Rd, Maple Ridge
bathroom symbol
Phone # :     604 341 3476
Web site: Medium:  acrylic/mixed media painting
Demo:  Yes









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