Craig Speirs studio # 14

In art my first love was and is photography. What that love led to was a great appreciation of all the arts, I am an art omnivore. What led me to making mobiles (Wind Dancers) was a search for balance after the death of my uncle, a master carver from Victoria. I took up carving for a year after his death and during that time I struggled with the concept of balance and what it meant to my life.I had hung a wagon yolk in a tree and was admiring its balance and movement which led me to exploring that balance. It was more than the physical act of equal weights. To be successful a mobile has to have a balanced theme, color, concept and most of all emotion. I use found objects in my mobiles so it takes time to put together the concept and theme and those objects have to be hung in a way allows them to relate to the other components and move freely in the wind. To me one of the challenges is to tie those objects in a creative way that helps unify the piece. The invisible force of the wind takes those static objects and gives them life in a random and calming fashion. The other thing about the wind is its eternal and no matter how it rages it is always balanced. Craig is a five term councilor in Maple Ridge who worked at a local LDB store and has been retired for 10 years.
Studio address:    23386 124th Ave, Maple Ridge  bathroom symbol
(sharing with Diane Speirs)
Phone # : 604 467 3971
Medium:  Mobiles










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