Karen van der Pauw studio #15

I have been working in clay for 15 years, and have travelled extensively to learn different ceramic techniques from Australia, China, Greece, Italy, Japan, as well as many ceramic education centres in the US.  My general goal is to keep learning and adapting new techniques to augment current skills.  This hunt for new knowledge led a couple of years ago to silversmithing.  I wanted to make ceramic jewelry but needed the skills to “set” these pieces attractively, and discovered I enjoy the whole process of working with silver.  Now, in my newly renovated gallery space, I’m able to display  all four aspects of my work: Functional porcelain dishes high fired in my gas kiln; Ceramic stoneware sculptural pieces; Ceramic Tile Pictures;  and silver jewelry.
Studio name:  Sisu Gallery
Studio address: 12895 234B St, Maple Ridge wheelchair
Phone # : 604 467 6472
Email: Karen@sisugallery.ca
Web site: sisugallery.ca
Medium: Functional and sculpted ceramics and silver jewellery
Demo: Yes





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