Kerry McLaren studio #9

At the end of a garden path under the shade of an old apple tree you will find ceramic artist Kerry McLaren’s home studio. From bustiers to tableware she creates pieces that are both playful and practical.

Most of Kerry’s work is hand built from large slabs of clay, enabling her to express the nuances of detail, utilizing texture and embellishing techniques as she creates. Leaves, tree bark, onion sacks all find their way into Kerry’s charming and vibrant pieces. She often infuses personal history and whimsy by imprinting her grandmother’s doilies and buttons into the raw clay.

Studio name: Red Dog Studio
Address: 21536 River Road, Maple Ridge  bathroom symbol
(sharing with Donnae Bell)
Phone: 604-467-6360
Website: K Designs
FaceBook Page
Demo: Yes

The studio is open Mothers Day weekend and by appointment throughout the year.


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