The ACT Art Gallery Presents JANE KENYON: Recent Paintings Solo Show studio #11

April 13 –June 1
JANE KENYON: Recent Paintings Solo show – Non-Objective Painting
The intuitive and often gestural qualities in Jane Kenyon’s recent paintings demonstrate a surprising shift away from her earlierworks that were ofteninspired fromthe landscape of the Northwest coast. Until recently, Jane held a secure place as a highly ‘collectable’ textile artist. She currently embraces painting as her primary form of expression, and, along with the change in medium, new, more instinctive elements have emerged. For Jane, the transition is a welcome and refreshing trajectory, representing risk in equal measure to satisfaction.

Studio Name: Gallery at the ACT
Studio address:   11944 Haney Place, Maple Ridge  bathroom symbolwheelchair
Phone # :     604 476 4241

Gallery Hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to  4:00 p.m
*** Please note that the gallery will not be open on the Sunday of the tour. ***


Habanera by Jane Kenyon
Acrylic/mixed media on wood panel40”x40


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