Vicuña Art Studio studio #4

Vicuna Art Studio is a studio devoted to supporting 48 artists with developmental disabilities to embrace their individuality, develop their talent and pursue their artistic ambitions by providing them with professional instruction, quality materials, support and encouragement. The medium used most in the studio is acrylic paint, watercolours, ink or clay. The artists are further supported to exhibit and sell their works at gallery shows, events and local venues. Visitors to the Studio or Gallery shows are always excited and inspired by Vicuna Studio artists.

Studio name:   Vicuña Art Studio
Studio address:#1-11491 Kingston Street, Maple Ridge wheelchair washroom sign
Sharing with Whonnock Weavers & Spinners and and Kirk Deutschmann
Web Site:
Medium:  Acrylic paintings/pottery
Demo:   Yes
The Gallery shows up to 80 art works. The studio, next to the gallery, is an artists’ dream. It is Jackson Pollock floors, paints and paintings, bright and colourful, splashes and brushes, a genuine place to feel inspired.






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