Von Hardenberg Candles studio #26

Klaus & Betty von Hardenberg create and handcraft all their 100% pure Canadian beeswax candles and candle products.
They design all their candles, make their molds, and hand dip the tapers from only pure 100% beeswax and pure cotton wick they import from Europe. There are no added scents, dyes nor chemicals.
Studio name:Von Hardenberg Candles
Studio address: 9730 Spilsbury St., Maple Ridge  washroom sign
Phone # :
604 462 9294
Email: info@vonhardenbergcandles.com
Web site: vonhardenbergcandles.com


All their products are pure.  The candle studio is designed and built with reclaimed lumber and built as part of a larger production building on their 2 1/2 acre rural property in east Maple Ridge (Thornhill).

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