ZZZZZZZ inactive Painting

Playful Poppies by Sole Avaria

Setting Sun by Diane L. Speirs

Brock by Cindy Johnston

Jack Prasad

Cook Inlet Beluga by Robi Smith

Red Collage by Lesley Phillips

Magdalena Nagy

Michele Bouchard

Santori In Blue #2 by Kathy Nay

Linda Nelson

Above the Crowd by Rob Egan

Liz Boulton

Midnight Garden (right) by Bonnie Dobbin

Judy Osiowy

Gary by Val Wheater

Garibaldi Art Club -Robyn Tremblay

Jaguar by Kirk Deutschmann

Group of Nine – Jane Duford Jphnston

Osprey Villagae by Lyn Thomas

Cedar Coast by April Lacheur

Vicuna Art Studio

First Light by Sarah Still

Glen and Pinetree Way Afternoon by Simone Sullivan

Stave Falls Artist Group – Janis Eaglesham

Tracy Quinsey

Light Contrasting by Trudy Deaton

Westcoast Sunset by Victor Gligor

Habanera by Jane Kenyon presented by The ACT Art Gallery

Connie-Jean Moore



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