Cindy Johnston

I guess I was always an artist at heart, because my fascination with Biology began with an appreciation of the beautiful visuals through the lens of a microscope! Now, I know I was meant to paint both as a creative outlet and as a guaranteed stress reliever. I am best known for my love of painting crows. My primary focus is on creating a very strong sense of mood and emotion; my goal is for the viewer to react in some significant way to my art.
Besides art, my other great love is literature, so I often use text as a background, as I like my pieces to have a sense of history and time. My color palate is filled with bold, rich, dark colors to give each piece its energy. Finally, I choose evocative titles as I want to create a lasting impression, and to leave the viewer with a piece of the story within each painting.

Studio Name: Wild Crow Studio
Phone # :     604 341 3476
Web site:
Face Book: Cindy Johnston Art
Instagram: @WildCrowStudio
Medium:  acrylic/mixed media painting
Open by appointment  (evenings & weekends)









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