Valerie Wheaterstudio # 9

I was born in B.C. and have lived most of my life here, but I lived 9 years of my young life overseas, largely in West Germany. I think my childhood instilled a love of travel in me and an appreciation for other countries and cultures. My artwork is inspired by my love of gardens, animals, and travel.
I have always enjoyed being creative and have long admired those who can move and inspire others with their art. In 2006 I took up watercolour lessons and quickly fell in love with the creative process.

Studio name: Val Wheater Art
Address: 21536 River Road, Maple Ridge (sharing with Kerry McLaren)  
Phone # : 604 465 7609
Facebook: Val Wheater Art
Instagram: Val Wheater Art
Web Site: 
Medium:Watercolour and Acrylic
Open the rest of the year by appointment








Click on any photo to open the photo carousel.


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