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Every year on Mothers Day weekend, artists and artisans from the neighbouring communities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows open their studios to visitors. Our Art Studio Tour is an event not to be missed. It is a veritable treasure hunt of arts (contemporary and traditional) presented by both established and emerging artists. You will find painters, potters, jewelers, sculptors, fabric artists and more.This is a unique opportunity to meet the artists, explore the stories behind their art, gain insight into their creative process as well as their work environment. Who knows, you might just find the inspiration to explore your own inner creativity. Explore our website and discover our talented array of artists.

You can find maps on our How To Find Us  page. Choose where you want to visit using the tour map to find your way to each studio, marked by our Red Diamond signs. Maps can also be found at the Maple Ridge Library, Little Cricket and Geek Crossing in the weeks leading up to the tour.

Last year we introduced passports for our visitors and it was such a hit we are continuing and we listened to your suggestions! Check out details on the Passport and Survey page.



We gratefully acknowledge the support of our sponsors:


The ACT Parks, Recreation and Culture Maple Ridge, B.C.

our host businesses:
Little Cricket Geek Crossing

and our friends:
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6 thoughts on “

    1. Art Studio Tour

      Hi Karen;
      No one knows a Judy West and a quick google search comes up with nothing other than a doodle artist from Australia.
      Good luck and I hope you can come out to the tour this year and discover a new favourite!
      Donnae Bell

  1. Mark

    Ah, it’s too bad my mom won’t be in town for this! She loves contemporary and traditional style art. When will this art tour run again?

  2. Art Studio Tour

    That is too bad but the good news is that next year will be our 20th anniversary so hopefully she’ll be able to join us then.

  3. Richard bailey

    hi my name is Richard bailey as a little boy I lived in Haney with two lady’s, they new of two men that had a art studio then years later I moved as they all did..what I’m tying to find out is were they might have there studio in Haney there are a few of them. Um did not what to say but they might or are a gay couple. So if you can help it will be great..250 515 0183


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